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Aeration and Over Seeding

Aeration and over seeding
The best time for Aeration and over seeding is just before it enters its most active growth phase. For warm-season grasses, the timing is late spring-early summer. For cool-season grass, it’s early fall. Aerate so that grass will have at least four weeks to recover and grow before frost arrives. If possible, spread fall fertilizer on cool-season lawns shortly after aerating. It helps fuel recovery growth in the lawn. The best way to aerate a lawn is with core aeration, where we physically pull small plugs of soil from the lawn. Mechanical aeration alleviates soil compaction in established turf, encourages root growth by increasing oxygen to roots, and allows seed, lime and fertilizer to enter into the soil.

Why aerate your lawn?

Lawn aerating helps your lawn breathe; thus the name aeration. There are two ways you can aerate your lawn – spike aeration or core aeration. Spike aeration is done with a roller that has spikes in it, while core aeration, also known as plug aeration, is done with holes “cored” out of the soil. Core aerators, generally speaking, do a more thorough aeration job than spike aeration.

Aside from better air intake, some other benefits of aeration include:
  • Strengthening roots
  • Improving the effectiveness of lawn fertilization
  • Increasing the ability for the lawn to absorb heat

In all, your lawn will be healthier after lawn aeration. We here at Indiana Truf Pros offer efficient and effective lawn aeration services to help your lawn grow.

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